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Effective Pest Control Services In Hayward, CA

Living in Hayward, CA, provides locals with a convenient home base for exploring the beauty of the Bay Area. It has suburban charm, and that quintessential California energy we all love. However, pests are also part of the package, and that means the threat of infestation is a year-round issue that Hayward property owners should be prepared for. No one wants to face infestation alone, which is why we’re here to tackle it with you.
Patriot Pest Management is your local source for quality pest solutions. Since 2001, we’ve been servicing homes and businesses throughout Alameda County, and the surrounding areas across the East Bay. Our military veteran-owned and family operated company is proud to provide comprehensive pest control solutions using low-toxicity materials, and environmentally friendly technologies. Our goal is to bring you the most efficient and effective pest solutions possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Hayward, CA

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If you want to guard your Hayward home from pests, you’ve come to the right place. The team at Patriot Pest Management provides trusted residential pest control services to over 1,700 homes in the local area. Our process is thorough, and customized to meet your needs. Some of our treatments include:

  • Exterior – Yard, bushes, trees, de-webbing, treat fence line, cracks and crevices in concrete and around opening of exterior, check exterior vents that lead into the walls.

  • Interior – Baseboards, windowsills, doorways, under cabinets, around pipes, and all entry points.

With over 40 years of combined experience, our team of pest control specialists has the necessary expertise to bring you the most effective and reliable results possible. Whatever kind of pest problem you’ve got on your hands, we are ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your residential pest control needs. We’ll provide you with a home estimate based upon present pest activity, and the square footage of your property.

Commercial Pest Control In Hayward, CA

Running a business is hard, but pest activity makes it much more difficult. Our commercial pest control services give Hayward business owners continued protection from infestation. We service a long list of facilities, some of which include schools, restaurants, warehouses, strip malls, and airport hangers. With over 700 commercial facilities on our customer list, we’re confident in our ability to bring you lasting, pest-free results you can trust. 
Starting with a detailed inspection and facility layout analysis, we identify the five-point pest activity zones, including entry points, water sources, harborage areas, customer areas, and employee break rooms. After treatment is complete, we’ll schedule return visits to maintain pest-free conditions all year. Our follow-up services are usually performed monthly, but we’re here to customize our treatments to fit your specific needs. We also have emergency and same-day services available, so our customers know we’re there for them whenever they need us. Call us for your detailed estimate.


Learn How Professional Bird Control Can Help Your Hayward Business

When birds get into your business, they pose a variety of dangers to your property, your employees, and your customers - not to mention your reputation. Why? Well, as birds search for a place to nest, they get into your attic, vent systems, chimney, ceiling, walls, etc. Aside from the nuisance, they also leave droppings all over the place, which not only smells, but can contaminate food and vulnerable surfaces. 
Another negative consequence that can result from bird activity is large-scale structural damage that is unsafe and costly. They tend to build their nests in remote areas that are sometimes hard to find, let alone access. That’s why your best bet is to get help from the pest professionals. 
Here at Patriot Pest Management, we are proud to provide effective bird control and prevention services that guarantee year-round protection for your Hayward business. Reach out to get your detailed quote, and secure the ongoing protection your business needs to succeed.

Do You Have A Spider Problem In Your Hayward Home?

No one wants to discover spiders in their home. One spider can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Spiders love remote, dark areas where they can find shade and weave their webs. If your space is filled with clutter and not properly cleaned on a regular basis, spiders have more harborage areas to choose from, not to mention the fact that you’re less likely to notice them in such a mess. 
One of the main things that attracts spiders into your home is the presence of insects - their main food source. So, if you notice insects in and around your space, there are likely spiders close behind looking for dinner. Your best protection from spider activity and infestation is with pest control management from the experts. Get in touch with Patriot Pest Management today to learn more about our spider control and prevention services.


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