Burrowing Pest Control In The California Bay Area

Are Burrowing Pests Destroying Your Property?

Burrowing pests, such as moles, voles, gophers, and ground squirrels, can wreak havoc on your property. They create holes and tunnels that can lead areas of your lawn collapsing and injuries as well as damage your shrubs, bushes, flowers, and grass. If you are having a problem with burrowing pests like gophers, you need the help of a professional pest control company like Patriot Pest Management.

Our Burrowing Pest Control Offerings

a mole coming out of a hole in the ground


Inspection of your property is a crucial step to effective burrowing pest control. We must first iidentify the type of animal that is causing problems on your lawn in order to provide the kind of treatment required for that animal.


Our treatment methods vary depending on the type of pest we find on your property. Our service technicians are knowledgeable about the various burrowing pests in our area and know the best way to get each one under control. We’ll use the method that will work best for your particular problem.

Most of our burrowing pest control services only require one treatment to be effective. They also come with a warranty.

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Pests Around Your Home

Getting rid of unwanted burrowing pests on your property doesn’t have to be difficult. Do-it-yourself methods are rarely effective, and with Patriot Pest Management, you won’t have to worry about ineffective results. Servicing the Greater Bay area & surrounding counties, we provide professional services that work, and we back them with our warranty. Contact us to schedule an inspection today.


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