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a german cockroach on a house plant

The Problem With German Cockroaches On Your Tracy Property

July 15, 2021

No one likes cockroaches. With German cockroaches being the most common species found throughout the United States, you very well may encounter them in your Tracy home. Though infestations can occur anywhere, they are most commonly associated with a variety of human-occupied spaces. Learn how to protect your property. ... Read More

a bed bug on furniture

How Bed Bugs Get Into Pleasanton, CA Homes

June 15, 2021

When most people think of the worst pests you can get, they probably imagine vermin that give them the heebie-jeebies, like rats or roaches or spiders. But one of the worst pests that a lot of people forget about (or just don’t know about) is the bed bug.... Read More

odorous house ants infesting a tracy california kitchen

Are Odorous House Ants in Pleasanton Dangerous?

May 14, 2021

“What stinks in here?” If you’re smelling a rotten coconut stench, you may have just squished some odorous house ants. Ants are ranked as the number one nuisance pests in the world! We’ve got the facts about odorous house ants in Pleasanton with some tips on keeping them out of your home.... Read More

cockroach crawling in kitchen

Pleasanton's Complete Guide To American Cockroach Control

February 15, 2021

Americans like to call the biggest, strongest creatures American. We have the American bald eagle, the American grey wolf, the American grizzly bear, all creatures that exemplify our country’s bravado in one way or another. But what makes the American cockroach American?... Read More

house mice infestation

What To Do About Rodents In Your Pleasanton Home

December 15, 2020

As with many pest infestations, your average homeowner isn’t equipped with the knowledge or expertise to root out and eliminate a rodent problem. Rats and mice are cunning and good at hiding, all the while breeding into truly massive numbers. Rather than wait for a problem to grow or try to solve it yourself, the best course of action is to get started right away on proper prevention and pest control. ... Read More

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