Everything Every Pleasanton Property Owner Needs To Know For Effective Spider Control

August 14, 2020

Some pests are harmless in and of themselves, but all pest populations can be a signal for larger problems. Common spiders typically keep to themselves and bother insects rather than people, but spotting spiders on your Pleasanton property should serve as a clue that you need to address a host of pest problems.

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Are Common Spiders Dangerous?

For the most part, no. The invasive spiders you’re likely to encounter aren't a significant threat to your health. However, some spiders, like black widows, can pack dangerous bites. And, as mentioned, the presence of spiders indicates other pest issues. Since spiders feed on other bugs, they are mostly driven indoors in search of prey. Proper spider prevention is about more than just determining which spiders are dangerous, it’s about protecting your home from all kinds of invasive pests.

What Attracts Spiders?

Spiders rest near the top of the food chain in the world of bugs. They don’t need to forage for crumbs or morsels, instead, they trap and devour their live prey. But that means they hunt and build their webs anywhere that easy food can be found, so the things that attract other bugs to your property will also bring spiders. Some of those factors are:

  • Food: Crumbs and even slight traces of food left behind can be a magnet for ants and cockroaches, which can detect food sources from hundreds of feet away. Deep cleaning, especially in hard-to-reach areas of your property, will ensure that no morsels are lingering for pests to snack on.
  • Moisture: Bugs also like it humid, thriving in warm and moist areas of a property. Remove standing puddles outdoors, and address spills or areas of leakage wherever you find them.
  • Shelter: Insects must find shelter from the elements, as even a small drizzle is like a flood for tiny bugs. That means they will venture indoors to get away from the cold and inclement weather. Spiders will follow suit.

How To Keep Spiders Out

Aside from addressing the things that might attract pests to your property, you should focus on potential access points for spiders and the things they feed on:

  • Cracks and holes: Even tiny imperfections on the exterior of a home or business can act as entryways for tiny bugs. Inspect for cracks or holes and make repairs if necessary.
  • Windows and doors: Spiders and insects can make it in through holes in a window screen, or in the gaps left beneath a door. Proper screen maintenance and door sweep installation will reduce these access points.
  • Debris: Spiders hide and nest in dark, woody areas, so it’s important to keep debris and materials cleared away and stored at a safe distance from structures. The same goes for firewood.

Spider Protection From The Pros

The list of things that attract spiders and other bugs to your property is long, and the list of things you can break your back trying to keep up in order to keep them all out is even longer. Rather than take it all on yourself, why not call the pros who know a thing or two about proper pest protection? At Patriot Pest Management, our friendly staff can provide even more helpful tips on ways to prevent pests from invading. Our exterior treatments can not only ward off spiders but all the things they eat, too. We don’t just offer proven solutions, we offer peace of mind. That’s a lot better than the constant laundry list of chores you have to stay on top of in order to stay pest-free.

Don’t wait for a spider infestation to become a full-blown problem, turn to Patriot Pest for a thorough inspection or for effective pest control treatment today. 

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