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Pests Are More Than A Nuisance In The Greater Bay Area & Surrounding Counties

Pests may be a nuisance when they get in your home in the Greater Bay Area and surrounding counties, but they can also pose bigger problems. When our area's toughest pests get inside, they endanger your health, belongings, food, and house. Protecting your family requires a pest control plan that eliminates active infestations and works to prevent future ones. Using integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, Patriot Pest Management seeks to identify and eliminate factors that contribute to pest infestations in order to protect your home and family.


Our Home Pest Control Process

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Before we perform any service, we want to get a comprehensive understanding of your current pest pressures. We’ll discuss with you what you’ve seen and where you’ve seen it before performing a thorough inspection. During the examination, we’ll look around the interior and exterior, including garages, for pest activity, hot spots, trails, and conducive conditions.

Once we’ve gathered this information, we’ll develop a pest control plan for your home and provide you with an estimate. We base this estimate on your home’s square footage and current pest activity.

Your initial treatment includes a full exterior and interior treatment. Outside, we treat the entire exterior, including your yard, trees, bushes, and the fence line. We’ll de-web your house, treat the perimeter of the foundation, and all entryways.

Inside, we treat baseboards, window sills, and doorways, under cabinets, around pipes, and all entry points. We’ll ask that you leave your home for an hour while products dry. Upon your return, you’ll find a door hanger that explains the services we performed. We’ll also send you an email that will include a photo of your technician and images showing the work that we performed and any areas that you should address.

If you are on a recurring service plan, we will regularly return to your home to re-treat the exterior. We perform interior treatments on an as-needed basis. By performing treatments on a regular basis, we maintain your home’s protection, preventing pests from getting inside. Regular follow-ups also allow us to identify any areas of concern before they become bigger problems.

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At Patriot Pest Management, we always inspect your home first in order to provide you with a pest control plan that meets your specific needs.

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Our treatments are customized, are designed to eliminate and prevent pest infestations, and are safe for your family and pets.

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Routine follow-ups ensure that your home remains pest-free. With our pest warranty, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pest problems are taken care of.

Our Specialty Pest Control Offerings

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While our residential pest control plan covers a variety of pests that commonly invade our homes, we also offer services that target specific pest threats not covered under our residential plan. These services include:

Learn more about these services by visiting the individual service pages.

Effective Pest Control to Protect Your Family & Home

When you have a pest problem, you can trust Patriot Pest Management to take care of it for you. With over 40 years of experience in the pest control industry and a commitment to providing our customers with service that goes the extra mile, we offer pest control that works. If you need pest management, contact Patriot Pest Management today.


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