The Key To Effective Fire Ant Control For Your Pleasanton Property

July 15, 2020

Are you aware that there are many different species of ant that can be found on your Pleasanton Property? Regardless of the species of ant, they are not a welcome guest. While all ants in the area are considered a nuisance, some of them are very invasive and even harmful.

several fire ants outdoors

Certain species in the area pose health or safety risks to home and business owners. One of these types of ants is the fire ant because they are able to bite. Their bites are rather painful and leave a burning feeling. While fire ants are most often found outside as they build their colonies in the dirt, their large colonies can be made on your property and close to your home, which puts you and your family at risk of being bitten.

With there being many species of ants in the area, you may not realize exactly what they look like, so we’ve provided a brief guide to the fire ants’ appearance:

  • They are a small species that reach approximately six mm long.
  • They are generally a reddish-brown color.
  • They have a small stinger on the bottom of their bodies.
  • They have six legs and a pair of antennae.

Are Fire Ants Dangerous? 

Fire ants are mainly a concern because of the dangers they pose. They are actually able to both sting and bite, and they will normally bite into the skin of a person and then sting multiple times. Because of their ability to sting and inject venom many times, fire ants can cause hospitalization in certain cases.

Fire ants are the highest risk for those who are allergic to the venom. If you are allergic, you could be at severe risk of going to the hospital if bitten. The problem is that many people don’t know if they’re allergic or not until they are actually stung, so it’s safest for everyone to do their best to avoid these pests. Also, just like any other ant species, fire ants can contaminate any food or surfaces that they come in contact with.

Why Fire Ants Are So Hard To Get Rid Of 

While the risks of bites and stings are the biggest concern, the other problem with fire ants is that they are really hard to get rid of. Trying to get rid of fire ants on your own is nearly impossible because of the way they disperse, create their colonies, and reorganize. They are considered an invasive species and have large colonies. One fire ant colony can have up to 20,000 ants! The space that these nests take-up is also rather large, as their nests can sprawl in the winding, underground tunnels.

They also have multiple queens in one colony which makes them difficult to eliminate. This means that even if many of the ants in the colony are killed and one queen is left, the ants can start up a colony again with little issue. Due to these reasons, it’s hard to get insecticides that can kill every single queen and reach every part of their underground tunnels.

How To Get Rid Of A Fire Ant Infestation

If you’re trying to get rid of fire ant infestations on your own, you might realize how difficult the process can be. At Patriot Pest Management we have over 35 years of experience and provide residential, commercial, and industrial pest control. To find out more about our services and to get started, contact us today!

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