How To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Pleasanton Property

May 30, 2022

Pleasanton is a wonderful city that sits just outside Sacramento. Pleasanton is a great place to call home, and it has kept its connection to the past with its glowing history and culture. This urban center is an attraction that most can't resist, including local pigeons, and when they start plaguing properties, Pleasanton pest control becomes crucial.

a pigeon on the edge of a windowsill

Why Pigeons Thrive In Urban Settings

Do you wonder why you always seem to see pigeons in urban areas? Wherever you look, they seem to be around every corner. When lots of them congregate in public places, they can even be scary.

Three reasons why pigeons seem to thrive in urban areas include:

  1. Food sources are readily available.
  2. There are nooks and crannies for building protected nests.
  3. They have become domesticated by people and aren't afraid to mingle.

Let's face it – pigeons have just become lazy! Everything they need to thrive is readily available in an urban setting. Optimal living conditions attract multitudes of pigeons, which cause pigeon problems that often become severe.

The Issues Pigeons Can Create Around Your Property

While pigeons may seem harmless, they are dirty birds. Their presence around your property can affect both structures and people's health.

Four issues commonly associated with pigeons include:

  1. Property damage
  2. Unsanitary conditions
  3. Health risks
  4. Nuisance

Pigeon waste contains uric acid, which is corrosive; it can damage the finish of cars and buildings. When they seek refuge inside buildings, they contaminate products and make them unsellable. They transmit diseases and other parasites, and their noise and flying can make people uncomfortable, making them a nuisance. In light of all these problems with pigeons, it is vital to find out why they find your property attractive.

Factors That Attract Roosting Pigeons To Your Property

Pigeons have been living in urban areas for a long time. Their needs are simple: they require food, water, and shelter. They love seeds; therefore, if your property has bird feeders, you may inadvertently provide them with readily accessible food that keeps them roosting around your property.

Many people have readily available food and water sources around their property that sustain pigeons. Some people enjoy feeding them or leave crumbs, garbage, and spilled items lying around, leading to a dependency that will eventually cause headaches. Overwatering, birdbaths, and standing water around your property are more convincing benefits that encourage pigeons to settle. The structure of buildings often leads pigeons to urban areas with more flat surfaces and protected areas that pigeons prefer when roosting.

Areas where pigeons prefer to roost include the following:

  • Balconies
  • Soffits
  • Window ledges
  • Rooftops

Urban property owners may feel there are no solutions to stop pigeons from becoming a nuisance, but relief is available. At Patriot Pest Management, our company has multiple options to stop pigeons roosting on your buildings.

The Best Bird Exclusion And Control For Your Property

Since 2001, Patriot Pest Management has been serving the Greater Bay and surrounding areas; we have over 40 years of pest experience. Pigeon exclusion can be complicated, but our veteran/family-owned company has practical solutions to get rid of pigeons from your property. Contact Patriot Pest Management today and learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control services and warranties.

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