Are Bed Bugs In My Pleasanton Home Dangerous?

November 13, 2020

When we notice anything unexpected on our property or in the house, we tend to lump them into two categories: dangerous or not dangerous. For instance, if we see a few gnats in the house, it’s not necessarily a cause for panic. A raccoon, on the other hand, would definitely make those alarm bells go off in your head. And it’s usually the larger home invaders that fall towards the dangerous side of the scale, while the smaller ones are typically just nuisance pests. However, there’s always an exception to the rule. While bed bugs might be one of the smallest home invaders you’ll encounter, you’d be surprised at how problematic they are and how dangerous they can become.

bed bug crawling on the skin and biting

Nightly Intruders

Bed bugs will infest any sort of furniture in your home. However, they like to attack at nighttime so as not to draw much attention to themselves. This leads them to mattresses more often than other pieces of furniture, but they are still known to inhabit couches and office chairs as well.

While bed bugs aren’t necessarily dangerous, they can have a detrimental effect on your health over time. Imagine falling asleep every night (or trying to, at least) while you wonder if you’ll wake up to bed bug bites all over your body. These bites can often lead to skin irritation due to itching, and nightly attacks will quickly lead to severe insomnia. These effects can even last long after the pests are eradicated and have been known to cause anemia in many victims as well. Call for the expertise of Patriot Pest Management and request an inspection!

Preventative Precautions

Another attribute that makes bed bugs such a health hazard is their ability to infest almost anywhere. By clinging on to shoes, clothing, pets, and luggage, bed bugs can travel from place to place to find sustainable food sources and ideal habitats. That’s what makes traveling such a high-risk activity when it comes to bed bug incursion. If your bag is placed next to other luggage in an airport terminal or bus station, bed bugs can jump from bag to bag and hitch a ride straight into your house. Be sure to check your bags and clothing for bed bugs before bringing them into the house.
Another high-risk activity is buying secondhand furniture. With all of these new secondhand furniture buying opportunities popping up all over the internet and social media, this can be a great way to save on the furniture you need, but it’s also a great way to open your doors to a bed bug infestation. Make sure to check for the signs of a bed bug infestation before bringing these items into your home.

Noticing The Signs

Bed bugs themselves may be difficult to notice, but you should be able to see the signs of a contaminated furniture item if you know what to look for:

  • Musty odor: When infestations are severe, bed bugs will emit a very strong odor. Give used furniture a good sniff before you drop any money on it.
  • Bloodstains: As bed bugs feed, tiny droplets of blood will often get left behind. Make sure to scan your furniture or your potential purchases for these small bloodstains.
  • Rust-colored Excrement: You might also notice dark circles on infested items, which is the excrement that these pests will leave behind. 

Many people who deal with repeated bed bug problems have noticed these signs early on, but they tend to think they can eradicate the bed bugs on their own. However, as they attempt to use home remedies like sprays and vacuums, they are really only getting rid of the pests on the surface. Bed bug infestations typically involve hundreds of more bugs buried deep within the cushions and mattresses, ready to come back up to repeat the cycle.
That’s why you need to go with the method that gets rid of them on the first try. Instead of wasting your time and energy to achieve inconsistent results with home remedies, contact the professionals at Patriot Pest Management at the first sign of bed bug problems.  

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