How To Tell If It's Bed Bugs In Your Tracy, CA Home

September 17, 2021

Many pests are objectively creepy, like cockroaches and centipedes. One look at these invasive bugs, and you know they aren’t creatures you want to mess with. The same is not true for bed bugs. Looking at bed bugs doesn’t spark much fear. They are small, dull-looking, and slow. What makes these pests creepy is what they do. As their name suggests, bed bugs like to crawl into beds with people. They do this to feed on blood. If you find the concept of bugs stealing your blood while you sleep-disturbing, you are in the right place. Here is how to tell if your Tracy, CA home has a bed bug infestation and what to do if it does.

a bed bug crawling on skin and biting

The Reason Bed Bugs Invade Homes

As you already know, bed bugs feed on blood to survive. You might not know that these pests are incapable of living outdoors for extended periods and that they prefer human blood over that of animals. For this reason, bed bugs almost exclusively search out homes to take residence inside. This is the only way these pests can ensure regular blood meals for their brothers and sisters.

Where Bed Bugs Live Outside Of Homes

Bed bugs do not exclusively live inside homes. In fact, more than any other pests, bed bugs love to travel. They do this by hitching rides on items that people carry. For this reason, you might find bed bugs anywhere you would find people. These pests regularly crawl from item to item at airports, set up residency inside hotels and hospitals, and use people’s family members and friends to go from one home to another. Keeping all of this in mind, you are most likely to pick up bed bugs while traveling. For this reason, we recommend learning how to identify these pests so that you can actively look for them and avoid bringing them home with you.

How To Spot Bed Bugs Before They Get Into Your Home

Identifying bed bugs is not always the easiest task. These pests are elusive and don’t spend much time out in the open. One way to identify these pests without seeing them is by looking for the signs they leave behind. Here are a few clues to keep your eye out for.

  • Bloodstains
  • Specks of fecal matter
  • A musty odor in the air
  • Eggs
  • Shed skins

The Challenges Of Bed Bug Control

Once bed bugs find their way into a home, they are near to impossible to get out. When faced with danger, these pests will run for cover, hiding inside wall voids and other secluded areas until they believe it is safe to come out. This problem is made much worse when considering that a bed bug can live for over a year without a blood meal. This, combined with this pest’s resilience to pest control products, makes them the most difficult pest to treat in our area. 

When It’s Time To Contact A Professional

If you suspect bed bugs are crawling through your bed at night and you need a good way to get these pests out of your home, turn to the experts at Patriot Pest Management. We are highly trained in bed bug elimination and have access to industrial-grade products to handle these pests properly. All you need to do is let us know you need help. To do this, give us a call. We will answer any questions you have and put you on a path to a bedbug-free home.

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