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If you’ve had a problem with rodents or bats in your Pleasanton attic or crawlspace, it’s not enough to simply eliminate them. Both animals leave harmful droppings behind that are dangerous to the health of your family. Affected areas must be cleaned and sanitized to ensure your safety. Patriot Pest Management offers a full range of sanitation services to clean the areas affected by dangerous pests.

Our Sanitation Service Offerings

tech spraying tap insulation

Your sanitation service begins with a thorough cleaning of all droppings and nesting materials. We’ll then inspect the insulation for any areas damaged during the infestation. If we find any, we’ll remove the damaged sections and replace them with TAP insulation. TAP insulation is an energy-efficient insulation that also works as pest control.

Once the area is cleaned, and the insulation replaced, we’ll perform an enzyme sanitation service. We’ll place a machine in the area that releases an enzyme as a fog that can penetrate cracks and crevices and the far-reaching areas that we can’t reach on our own. This enzyme eliminates all bacteria associated with guano and rodent nesting to keep your home a safe and healthy space.

Providing You Peace Of Mind After An Infestation

If you’ve recently taken care of a pest infestation, but know there is a mess to clean up where the pests harbored, don’t delay. These areas breed bacteria and other harmful pathogens that can cause illness in your family. With sanitation services from Patriot Pest Management, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your Pleasanton home is free of dangerous bacteria. Contact us today.


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