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don ceo and president

Don - CEO / President

sheri cfo and vice president

Sheri - CFO / Vice President

jerimee rodent division manager

Jerimee - Rodent Division Manager

chelsea project manager

Chelsea - Project Manager

jan public relations

Jan - Public Relations

nicole administrative assistant

Nicole - Administrative Assistant

ashley administrative assistant

Ashley - Operations Manager

ceo of fun


Our Pest Control Technicians

Our pest control technicians are like family here at Patriot Pest Management. Our employees pass a background check, are licensed with the State of California and certified in Best Pest Management Practices around Children and Pets. As a family-owned business, we value our technicians dedication to solving our customers pest issues effectively while treating them as family.

nick field manager

Nick- Field Manager 

matt pest control technician

Matt- Pest Control Technician

lorenzo pest control technician

Lorenzo- Pest Control Technician

sean pest control technician

Sean- Pest Control Technician

Christopher- Pest Control Technician

Curtis- Pest Control Technician

dave pest control technician

Dave- Pest Control Technician

dylan pest control technician

 Dylan- Pest Control Technician


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