Why You Should Call The Pros About Roaches In Your Elk Grove Home

May 5, 2022

Among the different species of nuisance pests that contribute to a flourishing ecosystem, cockroaches are not one of them. They pose a health hazard to humans and defile items they may have grazed. Roaches are incredibly pernicious for people with asthma, who are often highly allergic to the antigens these pests carry.   
Patriot Pest Management provides the most effective pest control in Elk Grove and knows how to keep cockroaches away from your home. These insects can multiply in a blink of an eye, resulting in a full-blown infestation that can be detrimental to your health and the members of your household. With their ability to spread bacteria and transmit disease, it is imperative to exterminate them as soon as possible. 
Read on to learn more about cockroaches, the negative medical impacts they can cause, and the preemptive measures you can take to help you keep these dangerous pests out of your home to regain your sense of safety and well-being.

cockroach crawling in basement walls

Species Of Cockroaches Commonly Found In Elk Grove

Pest infestations of any species spell trouble for our Elk Grove residents, but cockroaches up the ante with their hazardous nature. They represent clear and present danger, and they’re just plain repulsive. Unfortunately, they come in many disgusting varieties. With so many different species of cockroaches in the world, let’s go over the five most common kinds that could end up paying you a visit to your Elk Grove home:

  1. American Cockroach
  2. Brown-banded Cockroach
  3. Oriental Cockroach
  4. Turkestan Cockroach
  5. German Cockroach

Suppose you’re wondering what kind of cockroaches have invaded your home. In that case, we will save you the hassle of trying to identify them yourself and tell you that, in all likelihood, they’re German cockroaches, which happen to be the most common species found inside homes, hotels, apartments, and restaurants in the United States. 

But no matter the type, if you encounter any roaches in your house, don’t dilly-dally. Contact your local pest control right away before the situation worsens.  

Roaches Spread Diseases And Trigger Allergies

When you think about what it takes for cockroaches to find your residence, it’s clear to see why they’re considered one of the world’s most dangerous and disgusting pests. On their journey to find your home, they’ve traversed along mounds of trash, trudged through fecal matter, and picked up spores of bacteria and pathogens too numerous to count. So, once they arrive at your place, there’s no shortage of the disease and antigens they’ve brought with them. And for those diagnosed with asthma, the situation can go from bad to worse quickly as cockroaches can trigger serious allergic reactions.

Why It Is So Hard To Get Rid Of Roaches On Your Own

The number one reason why cockroaches are challenging to eliminate is that they reproduce so fast. If you have the misfortune of noticing one, rest assured that there are plenty more hiding out somewhere in your home. If you’ve already gotten your home exterminated, follow these steps to avoid a re-infestation:

  • Eat in limited areas of your home.
  • Secure your trash and empty it frequently.
  • Keep your food in storage containers with a tight seal.
  • Fix any leaking pipes and faucets, and dry up areas with moisture.
  • Clean your place regularly.

Remember: prevention techniques cannot override an existing infestation. You must first get rid of the pests, or else preventative measures won’t work. Therefore, reach out to your local pest control company. They will be able to apply powerful cockroach treatments that will eliminate them from your home. 

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Roaches In Your Home

Cockroaches invading your domicile are much more than a nuisance. They pose serious threats to your health and your entire household due to the diseases and antigens they can carry. Research has shown that the debris cockroaches leave behind, such as saliva, droppings, body parts, and old shells, can trigger severe allergic reactions in asthmatics or those suffering from other chronic health conditions. When you consider all of these factors, the only option is to get experienced exterminators involved. 
At Patriot Pest Management, we have the knowledge and resources at our disposal for the best way to kill cockroaches with lasting results. With over 40 years in business, we understand and value the importance of eliminating pests from your home, including all types of cockroaches, to restore your safety and peace of mind. Contact us to request your free estimate and inspection today. 

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