Bird Identification

What are pigeons?

Pigeons are not only a nuisance, they are real health hazard. Through their droppings, pigeons damage buildings and other structures like statues. In addition to causing structural decay, pigeons can carry a variety of nasty diseases like cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis and salmonella. If the droppings are allowed to build up on the ground, it is not only unsightly, it causes a slipping hazard.

Pigeons are scavengers that prefer grains and are dependent on humans who mostly involuntarily provide food through spilled trash or open containers. In addition to urban areas, pigeons also roost and nest in parks, warehouses and agricultural areas. Patriot Pest Management specializes in pigeon abatement in the Greater Bay Area.

swallow on a branch

What are swallows?

Swallows are small, vocal birds that are highly social. They nest close together in dead trees, nesting boxes, hollow stumps or under the eaves in your home. swallows are called “aerial foragers,” which means they feed mostly on flying insects. Swallows are migratory birds; they fly back and forth every year, but will always return to their nesting locations. Once their nest is complete, they will make it their home for their entire life.

When they complete the building of their nest, usually around mid-March, swallows are officially protected under Migratory Laws and their nests are not allowed to be touched until they migrate around mid-September. After the swallows have left their nest, Patriot can come to your home, remove the nest, mud, hazardous fecal matter and net the area off, so the birds will be forced to find a new home next year when they come back to take residence at their old location.

How do I get rid of birds?

If you are ready to get rid of birds from your property, reach out to the local pest control experts at Patriot Pest Management. Our customized services performed by our knowledgeable and friendly experts eliminate pests and stop them from coming back.

At Patriot Pest Management, we won’t hesitate to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy and their properties are free of pests. For exceptional home pest control or commercial pest control services in the Greater Bay Area and surrounding counties of California, contact Patriot Pest Management today!


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